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Hello, my name is Kharisma Aro. Thank you so much for being here! 

Nothing inspires me more in my business than helping an entrepreneur who is truly ready to uplevel in every way in her business, self-love, relationships, wealth frequency and lifestyle. 

I would love for you to have freedom in your life, and freedom in your business so that you can have and do whatever it is your heart desires. More importantly, what I would love for you, is to have the clarity on your soul purpose and calling, breakthrough the barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck, so that you can take soul-aligned actions and activate your true potential to have the income, impact and freedom you desire...and dare to be iconic in business and life.

Before I move  on, I would like to take a moment to share a bit about my story and my journey.

I know what it is like to be stuck in a 9-5 job  with an exceptional salary plus amazing perks, and the flexibility to work from home whenever I wanted, but still feel completely unfulfilled. I know what it is like to have one foot in the Corporate world and the other foot in a business on the side. I also know, that there will come a day, when you will have to make a decision to take the leap into your business 100% full-time, even before you feel you are ready...

One day, after a brief medical leave, I returned to my job where I was a Senior Consultant for an IT firm, I was told the company was restructuring and my position was no longer needed. You see, I had launched my first business back in 2005, but continued to work in Corporate Canada while operating my business as a side hustle with plans to go full-time the next year. 



However this was different, as I felt it was time to take the leap... 

I purposed in my heart from that day onward and made a commitment to jump in with both feet  (sink or swim) on the path of entrepreneurship to build my business, Kharisma Luxe Inc. up to success, no matter what. 

But things got worse!

In 2012, with online marketing becoming front and center, the same old ways of marketing no longer worked for online businesses, so we had to learn new ways to market, promote and bring awareness of our brands even after investing thousands of dollars, time and intellectual property. Applying the lessons learned from our mistakes and learning how to effectively market a business online, our focus became helping entrepreneurs build a successful and profitable online business. Then I lost my baby brother to an untimely death. I was never the same again, as it made me realised the importance of staying connected to family, friends and love ones. To add fuel to the fire, with added pressures of life and business, my life partner, business partners and I went our separate ways.


Reinventing myself and my business...

During this transition, I took time off from my business, as I found myself wanting to go inward to really discover my purpose here on earth, which led me to take inspired actions to deal with limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I also began to become consciously aware of my thoughts, what, who I was attracting in my life and why. I actively began a journey to live my best life by reading personal development books, studying law of attraction, practicing self-love and self-care, seeking mentoring and coaching while developing my marketing, coaching, entrepreneurship skills and knowledge.

I realised that everything was working out in my favour, even though the journey was really challenging and at times lonely. I started saying "No" to projects and joint ventures that would distract me from my goals and started saying "Yes" to my journey as an Iconic Entrepreneur and Next Level Breakthrough Mentor.

As an Iconic Entrepreneur and Next Level Breakthrough Mentor, I designed a business and brand around a lifestyle I love which gave me the freedom I desire while serving my clients and walking in my soul purpose and calling, and not a lifestyle around a business like I did years before. I purposed to only attract what was for my highest good. Knowing without a doubt, I was created for something extraordinarily. I began the pursuit of greatness.  

So what is greatness?

Greatness in life or in business is a function of these two factors; uniqueness (being different) and usefulness (making a difference). Therefore, the mathematical equation for greatness whether in business or in life is this; 
Greatness = uniqueness (being different) + usefulness (making a difference).



I believe we all are icons in the making...

In other words, true entrepreneurs are not motivated by money rather they are motivated by a cause. They go into business to make a vision, idea or dream a reality both for themselves and for others. Their passion is building a significant company and nurturing it into greatness. 

I've stepped into my greatness and living on purpose...

So today, I'm proud to have created a socially conscious empire comprised of a global boutique coaching and consulting company which is built on personal branding and digital transformation strategies to drive sales and improve profitability for our clients which are aligned with their core values. As well as a multimedia business and lifestyle platform, comprising of a business and lifestyle podcast, the Kharisma Show, where I share inspirational messages and interview today's inspiring and successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and bestselling authors who share their stories and entrepreneurial journey, as well as the print and digital publication, the Kharisma Magazine.

What I do

I teach high-level women how to 
breakthrough feeling stuck, underpaid and overworked to make more money and scale their impact with grace and ease, while fully aligned to prosperity.

What I stand for

I stand for the spiritual alignment and financial empowerment of women to fulfill their soul’s purpose, manifest their desires and live their best life.

At the core of my company is the commitment to support high-impact projects and causes that affect positive change in the lives of women, children and animals.




Mary J. Thompson ~ Mind Body Spirit Coach for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

"Kharisma is such a powerful coach! After 1 call with her, I had a detailed plan for increasing my revenue, greater confidence as an expert in my field, & a new outlook on my purpose & my business! Kharisma coaches with love & isn't afraid to say exactly what you need to hear. She is one of THE BEST coaches I've ever known! Exactly what I needed to break through & get unstuck!"

Tiffany Pye ~ Travel Consultant

"The Brand and Business Analysis with Kharisma was very helpful in figuring out what next steps I need to take, and how to make my site more engaging. She helped me realize that I didn't have to wait for everything to be done, but to start with what I have now; that I am enough right now!"

Amanda Savona ~ Life Coach

"Working with Kharisma has been an absolute pleasure she really helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and to understand it’s now time to up level in my business. Her energy is very welcoming and supportive and her coaching is just what you need if you’re looking for some strategic planning and new focus to thrive.


After my strategic session with Kharisma I’m much clearer in what my packages should look like! I’ve also been wanting for a long time to start showing up more online and since our session I’ve done consistently on weekdays so thank you for that!!! We also talked about my group coaching program and she guided me to come up with a detailed plan and I now know all my steps to move forward and launch my first international group coaching program. Im so excited to be part of this new high end coaching magazine, so much feels possible and im so ready to take my message as far it can go!"

Charlotte Oh ~ Branding Photographer

"Before I started Kharisma’s private coaching program I was struggling with issues of self confidence, focus and knowing what I want in life and business. Kharisma has helped me feel much more secure about my abilities and has kept me focused with weekly business development assignments. Her program has also helped me gain a lot of clarity in knowing my deepest desires, and I’ve made positive life changes because of it. I’ve been telling family, friends and colleagues, who are also having trouble defining their business direction and lifestyle desires, to consider private coaching with Kharisma. She’s very reliable, supportive, passionate, and strong willed, and she will challenge you to figure out what you want and need to do for your own happiness! It takes a conscious and steady team effort to help someone past their limiting beliefs; That’s one of Kharisma’s and her program’s greatest strengths."

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Anushka Lalwani ~ Life Coach for Men

Kharisma Aro

From corporate warrior to soul purpose-driven CEO. Kharisma has stepped into her greatness and is living on purpose.  Kharisma stands for the spiritual alignment and financial empowerment of women to fulfill their soul’s purpose, manifest their desires and live their best life.
Kharisma Aro is an International Speaker, Iconic Brand Strategist,  Mindset & Money Coach, Next Level Breakthrough Mentor and Founder of the Dare to Be Iconic Academy for high-level women who are ready to scale their business and life on their own terms, without sacrificing their soul. 
She teaches them how to breakthrough feeling stuck, underpaid and overworked to make more money and scale their impact

with grace and ease, while fully aligned to prosperity.

She’s the creator of a multimedia business and lifestyle platform, Dare to Be Iconic, comprising of an online show called, the Kharisma Show, and Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Kharisma Magazine, a one-of-a-kind coffee table, lifestyle and business (print and digital) quarterly publication. 

Kharisma has been featured on various media interviews such as CP24, CHCH TV, and the Barbados Nation newspaper.
At the core of her company is the commitment to support high-impact projects and causes that affect positive change in the lives of women, children and animals.

The Kharisma Magazine







As a global quarterly luxury lifestyle and business glossy, the Kharisma Magazine provides inspiration and actionable advice for high-achieving women looking to become known, share their message, transform lives through their products and services while expanding their income, influence and impact.

Our 360 degree approach  enables us to bring the content  across multiple platforms  in a way that leverages each format, print, digital and the online hub. 
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