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Leading Next Level Breakthrough Mentor, High Performance Business Coach &
Tranformation Teacher, Kharisma Aro presents...


A masterclass to help you ditch the confusion, step into your power and get crystal clear on your divine life path and purpose.

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The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, and to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are ready to become the purpose-driven woman you are meant to be, step into your power and lead from within, while connected to your divine purpose?

Do you ever wonder;

  • Who am I?

  • What am I meant to do with my life?

  • What’s my unique calling and contribution to the world?

  • Do I have a purpose that matters and can leave a legacy?


Are you ready to release feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus every day, and shift into a CEO Queen who rides the successful business train of love, abundance, and vibrant health? 

Are you ready to ditch anxiety and low self-esteem, and shift into a confident and bold Queen who commands her work realm by speaking her truth and setting healthy boundaries—unapologetically? 

Are you finally ready to gain clarity on your divine purpose and create time for pleasure and play that will have you feeling refreshed and energized to do more of what you love—while being divinely compensated for it?

A real purpose liberates. It comes alive from within your soul, igniting, burning, blazing, firing up everyday of your life and your existence. 

I stand for women to lead from within, unleash their purpose and claim financial sovereignty as their birthright.

I always knew I was meant for more, but there was a time when I struggle to get clear on my divine purpose like so many women.

Today, I am clear and 100% know for sure what my purpose is, and I am living it every day. You see, purpose is not a destination, but a clear path and journey of doing the work and having the impact you are meant to do every day.

Are you ready to stop hiding in the shadows and show up boldly and stand for the thing you know you are meant to illuminate unapologetically?

Then, join me for the Activate Your Purpose Masterclass, a 5-day LIVE experience starting Monday, 14 March 2022- Friday, 18 March, 2022 at 3PM EST each day. If you can't make the live experience, you can watch the recordings in the private Facebook group.

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• Wake up every morning connected to your purpose, as you step out of confusion, self doubt and impostor syndrome to multiply your income with femme power ease.

• Claim laser clarity about your purpose.

• Own the work you do without apology.

• Expand your vision to inspire deeper transformation and offer greater service.

• Communicate your message with your authentic voice.

• Establish your brand and vision to build global authority and influence.

• Connect deeply with your soul mate clients.

• Master money flow with divine confidence, abundance and feminine leadership.

• Free of the fear, pain, and drama around what the eff you’re meant to be doing with your precious life and get a clear roadmap on who you are, why you’re here, 

and what you’re meant to be doing.

Love & Praise

Charlotte Oh

~ Branding Photographer

"Before I started Kharisma’s private coaching program I was struggling with issues of self confidence, focus and knowing what I want in life and business. Kharisma has helped me feel much more secure about my abilities and has kept me focused with weekly business development assignments.


Kharisma also helped me gain a lot of clarity in knowing my deepest desires, and I’ve made positive life changes because of it. I’ve been telling family, friends and colleagues, who are also having trouble defining their business direction and lifestyle desires, to consider private coaching with Kharisma.


She’s very reliable, supportive, passionate, and strong willed, and she will challenge you to figure out what you want and need to do for your own happiness! It takes a conscious and steady team effort to help someone past their limiting beliefs; That’s one of Kharisma’s and her program’s greatest strengths."

Amanda Savona

~ Life Coach

"Working with Kharisma has been an absolute pleasure she really helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and to understand it’s now time to up level in my business. Her energy is very welcoming and supportive and her coaching is just what you need if you’re looking for some strategic planning and new focus to thrive.


After working with Kharisma, I have clarity on what my packages should look like. I’ve also been wanting for a long time to start showing up more online and since our session I’ve done consistently on weekdays so thank you for that!!!


We also talked about my group coaching program and she guided me to come up with a detailed plan and I now know all my steps to move forward and launch my first international group coaching program. Im so excited to be part of this new high end coaching magazine, so much feels possible and im so ready to take my message as far it can go!"

Mary J. Thompson

~ Mind Body Spirit Coach for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

​"Kharisma is such a powerful coach! After 1 call with her, I had a detailed plan for increasing my revenue, greater confidence as an expert in my field  and a new outlook on my purpose & my business!


Kharisma coaches with love & isn't afraid to say exactly what you need to hear. She is one of THE BEST coaches I've ever known! Exactly what I needed to break through & get unstuck!"

Sheri Lake 

~ Creative Consultant

"I have worked with many, many consultants over the years, and I would rank Kharisma Aro as one of the most organized and driven individuals with whom I've partnered.

Kharisma's leadership and organizational skills proved invaluable to several programs and entrepreneurial endeavors, all of which have been started from the ground up. I would definitely say that my experience working with her was memorable and rewarding."

Tiffany Pye 

~ Travel Consultant

​"The Brand and Business Analysis with Kharisma was very helpful in figuring out what next steps I need to take, and how to make my site more engaging.


Kharisma helped me realize that I didn't have to wait for everything to be done, but to start with what I have now; that I am enough right now!"


Anushka Lalwani

~ Life Coach for Men

This divine offer includes;

Lifetime access to the Activate Your Purpose Masterclass digital curriculum. 

All sessions are recorded if you can't attend LIVE) 

The curriculum includes;

 Understanding Who You Are... The Foundation; Learn 6 specific ways to know who

      you are and how to understand your building blocks of self.

 What Exactly is a Life Purpose?;  Learn the multiple interpretations of what a life

      purpose is, and how having a life purpose applies to all of us.

 5 Reasons Why Every Person Needs to Have Clarity on Their Purpose;

     Understand that a life purpose is the starting point of life and is the first step toward living a

      truly conscious life of your creation.

 Gain Clarity on Your Current Purpose in Life; Discover how a real life purpose

      liberates, while an imposed purpose is based on fear and controls. There are two things

      holding back from discovering your purpose.


❖ How Passion Activates Purpose; Gain clarity on how your passion activates your


 Discover Your Life Purpose and Live Aligned to Your Goals Every Day; Learn   

     how to ask yourself powerful questions can help you gain clarity on your life purpose.

     Understand why writing is a very powerful tool to use when trying to gain clarity of your life


 Create Your Purpose-Driven Offer and Get Paid to Be You​​; Discover how your 

     work is the truest expression of who you are. and why your marketing and messaging should

     be consistent and in alignment with who you are. Learn how to create a business model that is

     set up to help you fulfill your why.


❖ 7 Live Modules with Kharisma Aro (60-90 mins).

❖ A Private Facebook group of loving, supportive purpose-driven women on this

     journey with you to co-create the most beautiful experience.

❖ 7 beautifully designed workbook with exercises created to lock in the 

    teachings and help you embody them in your everyday life.



  • Receive a 45-min Private 10K Mapping Session with Kharisma to gain clarity of how to consistently earn 10K each month with the aligned business model. Value $997 USD

  • Receive a beautiful designed Money and Abundance 18 x 24 inch poster with a white or black background. (Frame not included) Value $55 USD 





Total Value $5,997 USD


(Limited-time offer - Will be increasing to $997 USD )

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Katarina Butterfield

~ Life Coach for Moms 

​"Before working with Kharisma, my biggest struggle was finding clients and not having a solid program to offer. I wasn’t clear on what I could offer women who were mothers and I didn't know how to sell my offer.  


What I loved about working with Kharisma, was that her process was broken down into achievable bite sizes that I could easily follow. It wasn’t as overwhelming as other courses I have done. The steps were easy to implement so I haven’t had to do hard sales or write long sales copy. 

Kharisma over delivers! She is full of compassion and also gives you the push you need. I would definitely recommend Kharisma to everyone who needs a mentor/coach."

Dr. Kimberly Douglass 

~ Coach/Consultant

"I am Dr. Kimberly Douglass. I revolutionize education for African American Boys, ages 4 to 9. I do this by creating online courses and by coaching others on creating online courses for African Boys and their families. 

I am transitioning from a university setting to entrepreneurship. Before working with Kharisma, I was applying some limiting beliefs to my work I thought I had moved past. Also, I needed help with pricing my courses to reflect the value I put into them. 


There are two tangible, measurable shifts that I have recognized during and after the experience of working with Kharisma; I am more willing to ask for a fair exchange for the energy I put into my courses. I am better equipped to get my own clients to ask for the true value of their work. 

I enjoyed the breakthroughs I experienced with Kharisma's support.  I appreciate her pushing me to ask for more in exchange for the value I bring to the table. 

I would tell anyone I know that Kharisma expects good results for herself and can show others how to expect good things for themselves. She is a true leader who is willing to call me and others on their crap. She expects me to move forward. 

Kharisma has been generous and giving toward me. She implanted the idea of finding my soul-mate client. This phrase reframed my understanding of my work and my purpose. I am grateful."


Why work with me

  • With over 15 years in the corporate world, my experience in marketing, project management, business analysis and consulting has enhanced my creative side with a blend of being analytical. This alchemy of gifts has really help me to support my clients at a deeper strategic level.  

  • Over the last seven years, as a Coach and Consultant, I have taught high-level women how to lead from within, and become their best version, so they can create their own legacy through life, business, wealth, feminine leadership while connected to their purpose.

  • I am a unique kind of no-nonsense coach – a hybrid between both coach AND consultant. This means, I act as your business coach, but also provides highly strategic, effective and results-driven solutions as a brand strategist. With a love of attention to detail, I can also naturally capture the big picture as well. 

  • I am a teacher at heart. It fires me up to teach high-level women like you, how to breakthrough feeling stuck, underpaid, and overworked to make more money and scale their impact with grace and ease.

  • My super power and divine gift is activation. I am  a next level breakthrough manifestation queen, a soul purpose activator and I am strategic as fire. I support women into total alignment with their soul's purpose, to rise into their power and take inspired action towards their big vision, while fully aligned to prosperity.

  • More importantly, is the connection to God and Divine, as it is fundamental to any transformation. With my ability to hold space and facilitate transformation at a soul level,  I can help you reclaim your power, own your voice, speak your truth and live your life on purpose, to become the iconic woman you're meant to be.

About Kharisma


Kharisma Aro

From corporate warrior to soul purpose-driven CEO. Kharisma has stepped into her greatness and is living on purpose. Kharisma stands for the spiritual alignment and financial empowerment of women to fulfill their soul’s purpose, manifest their desires and live their best life.


Kharisma Aro is a Leading Next Level Breakthrough Mentor, High Performance Business Coach and Transformation Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Alpha Queen CEO where she teaches high-level women how to lead from within and become their best version, so they can create their own legacy through life, business, wealth, feminine leadership while connected to their purpose. 

She’s the creator of a multimedia business and lifestyle platform comprising of an online show called, the Kharisma Show, and Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Kharisma Magazine, a one-of-a-kind coffee table, lifestyle and business (print and digital) annual publication. 

Kharisma has been featured on various media interviews such as CP24, CHCH TV, and the Barbados Nation newspaper.

At the core of her company is the commitment to support high-impact projects and causes that affect positive change in lives of animals. Kharisma is an Animal Rights Activist and advocates for the rights, welfare and wellbeing of domesticated animals, and takes a stand for them to be deemed as sentient beings with feelings and emotions. 

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About Kharisma

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