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Kicks off ~ Saturday, 21 Oct 2017

Dare &


Dare &




You are meant for greatness, and know you have a divine calling on your life that will impact the world, but you feel drained and confused, not knowing where to start.

You are multi-passionate and love the drive of working on more than one project at the same time, but never seem to move the needle on any of them, because you are spread too thin.

You are ready to scale your heart-centered business on your own terms without sacrificing your soul, and desires support that is in alignment with you are at soul level.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, alone, unsupported... I know what you are going through as I have been there too!

What made the difference for me was getting clear on what I wanted in my life and business, making a decision to pursue one major dream, desire or project at a time, being committed and focused with soul-aligned actions, strategy and implementation.

But it all starts with DARING!

The word DARE, means to have the courage to do something...

Now is the time to have the courage to do that one thing in your life and business that you have been called to do.

It is time to DARE!

Dare to gain clarity of who you are at soul level.

Dare to to step full on in your divine purpose.

Dare to boldly answer your calling.

Dare to stand in your personal power.

Dare to confidently and apologetically speak your truth.

Dare to scale your business on your own terms.

Dare to own your authentic voice.

Dare to add value in the world and command your worth.

Dare to live the life that you've secretly desired.

Dare to show up every day and share your soulful message.

Dare to love yourself and know that you are more than enough.

Dare to serve and hold space for the transformation you are meant to facilitate for your clients.

Dare, Dare and then Dare some more...

Now that you've Dared, now it's time to SHIFT.

Shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

Shift from lack to #moreplease.

Shift from hiding to showing up every day.

Shift from lack of knowing your full potential to being empowered.

Shift from people, places or things that no longer serve you to divine connections, relationships and environments that nourishes your soul.

Shift from doing what is expected of you, to doing what is in alignment to who you are and what lights you up.

Shift from being desperate for money, love and belonging to claiming and embodying what is yours already.

Shift from hustle to grace and ease.

Shift from indecision to being an action taker and a fire starter.

Shift from status quo to living on purpose and in soul alignment.

Shift from standing still to building momentum in your life and business.

Shift from confusion and overwhelmed to focus and precision.

Shift from being the world's best kept secret to being iconic in your business and life.

If you are ready to Dare & SHIFT...

Then the Dare & SHIFT 4 Week Virtual Bootcamp is for you and a small number of participants.

I will help you get clear on your desires and dreams, which are aligned to your purpose, and set realistic achievable goals and results kicking off the new year with success.

Imagine seeing yourself standing in your personal power, living in alignment with your purpose, pursuing your dreams and having a clear plan to designing the life you’ve always secretly desired in 2018. 

You will;

1. Learn how to pursue your purpose and work on your high-impact goals and you’ll readily see your life lit with direction and meaning.
2. Develop self-confidence that will enable you to fearlessly pursue your biggest dreams.
3. Develop an Unwavering Mindset and belief that you can and will have it all- money, lifestyle, freedom and ease.

4. Experience shifts in all areas of your life whether, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological as you give yourself permission to be in full alignment to your highest calling. 

5. Co-create your 2018 90 Day plan with the outline actions, milestones and goals to kick-start your success in the new year. 



~ We will kick-off live virtually on Saturday, 21 Oct, 2017 at 10am EST - 3PM EST, followed by 4 weekly group calls on Tuesdays at 6PM EST for 60 mins.

~ Upon registration into the bootcamp, you will receive a link to schedule your 15 minute welcome call with me.

~ 1 week prior to the bootcamp on 21 Oct, you will receive the Dare & Shift Workbook so that you can begin to prepare for our time together.

~ You will receive the Zoom link to join the virtual bookcamp the day before.

~ During the kick-off session, there will be breaks, and time for Q & A, brainstorming and support from myself and the group.

~ If you can't make the bootcamp Live sessions, don't worry, they will be recorded and you will receive copies.

Register now for the Dare & SHIFT 4 Week Virtual Bootcamp, where you will never be the same and will learn how to shift into greatness, with aligned actions and strategy to build your heart-centered business on your own terms without sacrificing your soul.



Register today for a one-time payment of $888, or 2-pay of $555 each.

(Paypal option also available)


Register by Friday, 6 Oct 12 Midnight and receive 2 x 45 mins private one-on-one calls.

Are you ready for rapid shifts in your Life & Business?

Mary J. Thompson ~ Mind Body Spirit Coach for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

"Kharisma is such a powerful coach! After 1 call with her, I had a detailed plan for increasing my revenue, greater confidence as an expert in my field, & a new outlook on my purpose & my business! Kharisma coaches with love & isn't afraid to say exactly what you need to hear. She is one of THE BEST coaches I've ever known! Exactly what I needed to break through & get unstuck!"

Tiffany Pye ~ Travel Consultant

"The Brand and Business Analysis with Kharisma was very helpful in figuring out what next steps I need to take, and how to make my site more engaging. She helped me realize that I didn't have to wait for everything to be done, but to start with what I have now; that I am enough right now!"

Amanda Savona ~ Life Coach

"Working with Kharisma has been an absolute pleasure she really helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and to understand it’s now time to up level in my business. Her energy is very welcoming and supportive and her coaching is just what you need if you’re looking for some strategic planning and new focus to thrive.


After my strategic session with Kharisma I’m much clearer in what my packages should look like! I’ve also been wanting for a long time to start showing up more online and since our session I’ve done consistently on weekdays so thank you for that!!! We also talked about my group coaching program and she guided me to come up with a detailed plan and I now know all my steps to move forward and launch my first international group coaching program. Im so excited to be part of this new high end coaching magazine, so much feels possible and im so ready to take my message as far it can go!"

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Anushka Lalwani ~ Life Coach for Men
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