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Breakthrough to Become the Woman You're Meant to Be... Clear, Purpose-Driven and Empowered the Feminine Way
6-Month One-on-One Private Mentorship with Kharisma  Aro

Are you ready to Breakthrough to your next level with

You were born to standout, not blend in.

You are here to serve with heart and soul.

Don't dim your light for anyone.

Shine bright light a like a diamond.

Sometimes when you want to breakthrough to the next level and achieve your highest performance in your life and business, it’s not a one-track program or new funnel- it’s changing yourself from the inside out and applying a wholistic approach. Because there is no separation between your life and business.

Therefore, if you are experiencing a high level of stress, lack of clarity, low productivity and a lack of fulfillment in your life, it will affect the results and achievements in your business. I see this all the time when I work with my clients. Even though the program is designed to work on an aspect or outcome in their business, when we shed light on what's holding them back in their life whether, emotionally, spiritually, mentally to name a few, they experience a breakthrough in their life and business.

My desire for you is to feel fulfilled every day and live on purpose, breakthrough your barriers and achieve your highest performance in your life and business to give you the income, impact and freedom you desire.

The journey of entrepreneurship is the greatest personal development experience, but it is also a spiritual experience. As we are infinite beings living in an earthly body to fulfill a specific mission and purpose here on earth.

This is why, I am excited to be introducing DIAMOND, a high-touch immersion experience where we will co-create from your deepest spiritual part of your being…your soul, then apply strategies that align with your soul purpose. 

It also includes a deep dive day with me to breakthrough any barriers and limitations you're experiencing with ongoing private support and accountability.

In DIAMOND, you will be grounded in daily habits that will set you up every day for success, because how we do one thing, we do everything.

The objective of DIAMOND is two-fold;
1. You will Rise and Step into your fullest Expression of who you are, so that you can own it and Receive the income, impact and freedom that you desire, on your own terms with a plan than is customised to you.

2. You will Be seen, be Heard and Supported (no more getting lost in the crowd) … you will receive weekly accountability, support and feedback you need to reach your highest level of performance while achieving that one big audacious goal in your business.

Whether it's launching your signature program without sacrificing your soul…
Or scaling and hitting a major revenue goal...
Or writing your book...
Or launching a podcast or online platform...
Or something else.

Here's it how works;

DIAMOND kicks off with an in-person 2-Day Deep Dive Intensive Retreat in a city near you or Toronto. (Your meals and accommodation is included, travel is extra)

During your 2-Day Deep Dive Intensive, we will;
•Break through any personal barriers you feel have been holding you back  ~ By laser-coaching to understand and gain clarity on what is holding you back or keep you stuck from achieving these objectives/desires/results, I will hold space and speak truth into you to allow the shifts and transformation to rapidly take place during the session, and facilitate the breakthroughs in your life and business. We will co-create
a detailed, week-by-week, 90-day action plan for your goals.

You will receive;
- 12 private one-on-one 45 mins. support sessions via Skype or Zoom
- 12 Implementation weeks to work on your goals/plan
- A clear aligned path to your next big goal -- thus achieving your next level of performance in your life and business.

~ In addition, you are fully supported via email/FB messenger during the 6 months.

Full-Pay bonus;
 Featured interview in the Kharisma Magazine 

The Kharisma Magazine is one-of-a-kind coffee table quarterly publication and catalyst for confident, bold and purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the lives of others and live their best life. With an emphasis on personal growth, lifestyle and business development, it engages and speaks to every aspect of a woman' s life ... Body, Mind & Spirit.


We are featuring women and men leaders, entrepreneurs and brands who integrates giving back into their business and/or leading through their community in the premiere issue.

In the magazine, you will see our premiere featured author, Danielle Laporte and her new book, White Hot Truth in our Featured Author section. In addition to 25 inspiring interviews including Natalie Sisson, Jessica Nazarali, Khierstyn Ross and more, plus 25 actionable articles written by our contributors/writers from all over the world.

 Value $20,000

Apply now to learn more.

Mary J. Thompson ~ Mind Body Spirit Coach for Service-Based Entrepreneurs

"Kharisma is such a powerful coach! After 1 call with her, I had a detailed plan for increasing my revenue, greater confidence as an expert in my field, & a new outlook on my purpose & my business! Kharisma coaches with love & isn't afraid to say exactly what you need to hear. She is one of THE BEST coaches I've ever known! Exactly what I needed to break through & get unstuck!"

Tiffany Pye ~ Travel Consultant

"The Brand and Business Analysis with Kharisma was very helpful in figuring out what next steps I need to take, and how to make my site more engaging. She helped me realize that I didn't have to wait for everything to be done, but to start with what I have now; that I am enough right now!"

Amanda Savona ~ Life Coach

"Working with Kharisma has been an absolute pleasure she really helped me open my eyes to new possibilities and to understand it’s now time to up level in my business. Her energy is very welcoming and supportive and her coaching is just what you need if you’re looking for some strategic planning and new focus to thrive.


After my strategic session with Kharisma I’m much clearer in what my packages should look like! I’ve also been wanting for a long time to start showing up more online and since our session I’ve done consistently on weekdays so thank you for that!!! We also talked about my group coaching program and she guided me to come up with a detailed plan and I now know all my steps to move forward and launch my first international group coaching program. Im so excited to be part of this new high end coaching magazine, so much feels possible and im so ready to take my message as far it can go!"

Charlotte Oh ~ Branding Photographer

"Before I started Kharisma’s private coaching program I was struggling with issues of self confidence, focus and knowing what I want in life and business. Kharisma has helped me feel much more secure about my abilities and has kept me focused with weekly business development assignments. Her program has also helped me gain a lot of clarity in knowing my deepest desires, and I’ve made positive life changes because of it. I’ve been telling family, friends and colleagues, who are also having trouble defining their business direction and lifestyle desires, to consider private coaching with Kharisma. She’s very reliable, supportive, passionate, and strong willed, and she will challenge you to figure out what you want and need to do for your own happiness! It takes a conscious and steady team effort to help someone past their limiting beliefs; That’s one of Kharisma’s and her program’s greatest strengths."

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Anushka Lalwani ~ Life Coach for Men

Kharisma Aro

From corporate warrior to soul purpose-driven CEO. Kharisma has stepped into her greatness and is living on purpose.  Kharisma stands for the spiritual alignment and financial empowerment of women to fulfill their soul’s purpose, manifest their desires and live their best life.
Kharisma Aro is an International Speaker, Iconic Brand Strategist, Mindset & Money Coach, Next Level Breakthrough Mentor and Founder of the Dare to Be Iconic Academy for high-level women who are ready to scale their business and life on their own terms, without sacrificing their soul. Kharisma teaches them how to get unstuck, move forward with intention and break through to the next level with clarity, confidence and purpose, so that they can have more money, more meaning and experience more freedom, the feminine way.

She’s the creator of a multimedia business and lifestyle platform, Dare to Be Iconic, comprising of an online show called, the Kharisma Show, and Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of the Kharisma Magazine, a one-of-a-kind coffee table, lifestyle and business (print and digital) quarterly publication. 

Kharisma has been featured on various media interviews such as CP24, CHCH TV, and the Barbados Nation newspaper.
At the core of her company is the commitment to support high-impact projects and causes that affect positive change in the lives of women, children and animals.

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