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Anushka Lalwani


“I’ve known Kharishma Aro for a few months now and instantly connected with her mission and energy. My intention is to share with all of you how you can work with your emotions instead of working against them. We often allow our emotions to run our life without even realising we do this. It is a subconscious act. I’ve come to realise through my journey specific emotions that trigger all of us and how we react to them. When we learn how to clear these triggers and respond to people we live emotionally free of the heaviness that triggers bring to us. We get less stuck and feel more bliss!”

Leimomi Keliikuli


“I truly believe that we are meant to live an abundant and conscious life, and Kharisma’s magazine really is all about that living your life on purpose. When you do so and live in alignment to our gifts we naturally bring income, impact and more freedom.”

Vanessa Mentor


“1) It’s the creation of a woman of Color. 2) The magazine mission is aligned with my holistic approach of life: integrating Mind-Body and Spirit. 3) By contributing to this magazine, I want to help single moms give themselves permission to design a life and business based on their heart and soul desires.”

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Sherina Mayani


“Honestly what attracted me to it was the idea to have a platform to share my message, also I am a very intuitive person and I honestly love Kharisma and her energy and wanted to support her as well in this and something inside of me, said to go forward with it! In terms of impact to the Kharisma Magazine’s audience - I feel like it’s a way to share my truth my story and my experience and with the intention that it moves something in the audience for good.”

Milan Perry


"When I was approached about being a contributor of the magazine, I saw an opportunity to educate women from a standpoint that delves into a lifestyle that once was a luxury but now is a necessity. What attracted me to the magazine was femininity, luxury and lifestyle. All of these components highlight a higher standard for women to aspire of which was once a natural part of our being. I feel that this magazine will have a profound impact on the readers as well as my clientele. Because it emphasizes the how & why they need to pay more than the usual attention in how they take care of themselves also their business relationships on a higher level."

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The Kharisma Magazine is one-of-a-kind coffee table publication and catalyst for confident, bold high-achieving women who want to make a difference in the lives of others and live their best life.  With an emphasis on personal growth, lifestyle and business development, it engages and speaks to every aspect of a woman' s life ...

Body, Mind & Spirit. 

Your Money, Your Story

~ 3 Steps To Getting Clear On What YOU Want in Your Life

~ 5 Steps to Clearing Financial Worry Without Going Crazy

~ 6 Habits of A 6-Figure Business Owner

​Building your Brand

~ Do You Have a Book in You?

~ 7 Important Traits of the Wealthy & Successful

~Key To Happiness: Your Personal Wealth 

 Soul Essence

~ Creating From the Beyond the Box

~ Study to be Quiet 

~ Your Powerful Purpose

~ 5 Simple Steps to Making Meditation Part of Your Routine 

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​From the Inside Out

~ Body Unburned: A Calorie is not a Calorie

~ Giving Yourself the Gift of Self-Care

~ 4 Things You Need to Master to Become a “Go To” Person in Your Niche

~ Preventing Weight Gain While Traveling: A Practical Guide

~ Let’s Start StressLess Revolution and Give Back to Life

Great Escapes

~ Travel Tips for Business Travel – Flying

~ Travel Picks: Kharisma Approved

The Reading Lounge

~ Top 10 Books to Design your Life & Business

~ Featured Author - Danielle Laporte ~ Hot White Truth

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